About us

The beginning of the history was rather accidental in 2009 when Chris improvised on his acoustic guitar and Marco contributed spontaneously some lyrics. Straight away it was obvious to both that from this jam session had to become more. In earlier days Chris played guitar for the rockband "Someone's Sons". His play was influenced by bands like "The Church" and "The Chameleons". Marco had published two albums as a singer and keyboarder with the Electro-Duo "Twin Machine". The coalescence of electronic sounds, guitar melodies and melancholy vocals was quickly named as: . In the same year the duet became a trio. In search of a sound tinkerer and programmer to give the songs the last grinding Marco thought of Dirk, a comrade-in-arms from old days with whom Marco had collected live experiences in the 90ies with his first band, "Dekalog, III".

Since then they contributed several songs to compilations. The first gigs played 2011. The press describes the liveshow of the band as a mixture of psychedelic rock and synthipop with electronic sounds and multimedia-show. 2013 was the openening-act for "Men Without Hats" in Berlin.
In May 2013 the "Beautiful Liar"-EP was released via the label Echozone. The subsequently published digital-single (release 29th november 2013) contains three new songs and three remixes of the track "Girl Like You". The titeltrack is a coverversion of the "Lovesong" by The Cure.
With their new single „By the way“ continues its cooperation with the german label Echozone. The already third release on 16 May 2014 contains two new songs and altogether five remixes of the song "Cold Like You", of the title-track "By The Way" and of "Girl Like You". “By the Way” is the last step towards the release of ’s first album "Polymere" in the autumn 2014. "By The Way” is the titletrack as well as the single. It’s about a confession of failure of an unsuccessful love, mentioned as a footnote. A song that shows that it doesn’t take much to tear down bridges with people, however solid they may seem. "A melancholic but still deeply relaxed Mid-Tempo-Song building up to a beautiful chorus. This is superb gently spotted Indie-Wave-Pop..." (Electrozine). The video for the song was shot at one of the Baltic Sea's most beautiful native beaches, which thereby became a crime scene. The non-album-track “War is over” musically depicts the image of a war-torn world.

- Releases
“Beautiful Liar" EP (may 2013)
"Lovesong" downloadsingle (november 2013)
"By the Way" downloadsingle (may 16th 2014)
“Polymere” album is currently in process.

- Cast
Marco Dames - Vox, Electronica
Chris Kobilke - Git, Vox
Dirk Wisny - Electronica, Bass, Percussion